Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tough Decisions

There we were, surrounded by some really great interesting folks with similar interests, when we realized the dilemma we had gotten ourselves into. We went to meet Alder from Vinography at Bacar to help him celebrate his blog's first birthday. We were having a great time - Alder and Ruth were welcoming and great to talk to, we met Keica and Matthew who turns out works where I just started, Jen from Life Begins @ 30 , Meriko from Gastronome and Jeanne from World on a Plate . It was approaching 7pm and while the chatter, and appetizers, and Bacar's wine bible were screaming for more attention, we remembered the live dungeness crab sitting in our refrigerator. If we didn't head home to cook him now, we'd be in hot water. I would have love to stayed to meet the rest of the gang but duty called.

The event was a great idea and I hope the Bay Area bloggers, or even the Bernal bloggers, can meet up more often.

It was great to hear that some folks read my blog. I decided then and there that I needed to change the name from Karen's Food Log or K-flog as it started out. I've been mulling over names for months never able to chose one that really works for me. Being in a room of bloggers, I wanted to be proud of my blog but found that I couldn't get passed my boring title. What do you think of "Plat Du Jour"? Stay tuned!!

Ah yes, and the crab was delicious. We steamed the little guy in our bamboo steamer over the wok for about 12 minutes. With just a little bit of lemon and butter, this guy was moist and tender... just perfect. The easy side salad, warm olive bread and persimmon mango vodka drinks Nino whipped up rounded out the evening beautifully!